How a cancer donation ended up funding the hearing society

When you write a cheque to The Canadian Cancer Society who would you expect it to go to? Certainly not the Canadian Hearing Society.

This is what happened to Pat Stafford. In October she wrote a cheque to the Canadian Cancer Society for $50, to honour the memory of her friend who had recently lost the battle against cancer. After a week without any word about her donation she went and checked with her bank, The Bank of Montreal –  the cheque had been cashed. Several calls to the CCS later and there was still no luck in finding any record of her donation having been received – so who was it that cashed her cheque?

A mystery revealed

Fast forward to Nov. 29, 2013. Stafford received a tax receipt and a letter in the mail thanking her for the donation of $50 she made to the Canadian Hearing Society. Stafford had never heard of the CHS before receiving this letter – yet somehow this letter had every piece of information she sent to the CCS.

She called the Canadian Hearing Society who did have a record of receiving the cheque. However the CHS requested to phone Stafford back as there were irregularities with the donation.

Stafford went back to her bank for some more answers about this renegade cheque. Did she actually write to the Canadian Cancer Society? The bank confirmed yes, the cheque has Canadian Cancer Society written clearly on it, not the Canadian Hearing Society.

Who endorsed the cheque?

On the back of the cheque there was no signature or stamp. Simply the bank tellers deposit information. Someone had brought the cheque into a bank to cash it in person. This cheque, that was made out to the Canadian Cancer Society, was cashed in person, and received by the Canadian Hearing Society.

Stafford says she is “simply baffled about how something like this could have happened,” but that at least the money went to someone who needed it.

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